Our Award Winning Team
“I am proud to say that all of our division leaders started as employees or contractors. Now, they are not only CEO’s of their respective divisions, but they are also majority owners. This speaks volumes to one of our core beliefs, when you help others win, we all win. I am honored to be on this journey with them and to call them my teammates ” – Nick Coats
Kaneecia Johnson
Client Development Manager
joe flattery
Chief Funnel Architect
Rena Thomason
Business Manager
Warren Levi Haney
Hannah Cooper
Account Manager
Sophia Cohen
Account Manager/Production Coordinator
mike holzer
Account Growth Specialist
Erick Magana
Creative Editor
Max Reich 
Sales Consultant  
gary coats
Owner - Sawtooth Communications
Media Buyers
Media Buyer
Rianna Hill
Media Buyer
Mauricio Brito
Media Buyer
Simon Perrin
Media Buyer
Cory Nicholas
Senior Copywriter &
Media Buyer
Alvaro munos
Media Buyer
nico collebechi
Media Buyer
mo abubakar
Media Buyer